Localized Bluetooth Tracking

A Bluetooth beacon that is robust, rugged, affordable and has great battery life !




133mm x 45.5mm x 31mm (LxWxH)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +75°C


Flexible Configurations over the air with mobile app


BLE 5,0

Message types

Eddystone , iBeacon

Attachment method

Zip ties, Double side tape , screws , bolts




AA User-Replaceable

Up to 10 years battery life


Automated Access Password

Tx Power

-40dBm up to +4dBm

​Advertising Interval

200ms up to 10240ms


IP rating IP68

Impact resistance IK10

How can our Bluetooth beacons enhance your life?

An easier and better solution !

Affordable system


The device is worth every penny and is well priced for its numeruos features.

Works for all application


Very verstile device and can be mounted on any type of asset.

High Autonomy

Having a great battery life up to 8 years this device requires minimal human intaraction and can works on its own once configured.

Easily scalable



Intallation of device is very simple and requires minamal efforts. New assets and/or new tracking regions can be set easily.




What We Offer

What We Offer

Localized Bluetooth Tracker

What We Offer

Mobile Application

What We Offer

Postive Results Garanteed

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