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26 February 2024

Not Active and Not Communicating Alerts and Download Excel for Reporting

In an effort to empower our users with an even more versatile and seamless experience, we are thrilled to announce a series of updates to our Vehicle Tracking System here at IoT Solutions.

These updates are designed to enhance the system's capabilities, focusing on alert functionalities and user control to ensure you have the best possible experience managing your fleet.

1. Not Active and Not Communicating Alerts:

A key highlight of this update is the introduction of 'Not Active' and 'Not Communicating' alerts. We want to ensure that you receive instant notifications when a vehicle is not in an active state or is experiencing communication issues with our tracking system. This enhancement allows you to stay informed and take prompt action, promoting proactive measures to keep your fleet running smoothly.

2. Excel Downloads for Reports:

Understanding the importance of data analysis in fleet management, we have responded to your feedback by introducing the ability to download reports in Excel format. This feature simplifies the data analysis process, making it more convenient for you to generate and share detailed reports on your vehicles' activities, routes, and performance.

This can be easily done by clicking the Download Excel button after generating the Journey report or, for the Parameters report, clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the graph and selecting the Download Excel option after the report has been generated.

These updates signify our commitment to providing you with a user-friendly and adaptive Vehicle Tracking System that aligns with your evolving needs. We encourage you to explore and take advantage of these new features to enhance your fleet management experience.

At IoT Solutions, we remain dedicated to your success, promising more updates in the future to further elevate the capabilities of our Vehicle Tracking System. Stay tuned for further announcements as we continue to lead the way in IoT-based fleet management solutions.

Your Feedback Matters!

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