Smart Timer

Be accurately informed about electric troubles in your business !


This device among many features is able to monitor electricity for your main supply and notify you when there has been a power cut and when the power is back online.

This device can easily be mounted on a DIN rail among all the other circuit breakers making it virtually invisible and requires minimal maintenance and installation.

Notify your local power distributor about any power shortages for quick repair in any type of industry.



85mm x 53.5mm x 59mm (3 DIN)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +75°C


Flexible Configurations over the air with mobile app




Automatic Access Password


AA User-Replaceable

Up to 10 years battery life

How can our Smart Timer benefit your life?

Making busniesses smarter !

Energy Usage Reduction

Businesses are able to easily monitor their energy levels.

Optimize Load and energy

Reduce traffic due to much more efficient and easier method  to find a parking space.

Maintenance Scheduling

Be aware of maintence and let your local electricity provider know if servicing is required.

Remote Control Equipment

Have better control within your busniess.

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What We Offer

Smart Timer

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Online Platform

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What We Offer

API Integration with 3rd party system

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Mobile Application

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