Waste Management

The smart solution for Better waste management !


IoT-powered smart waste management solutions aim to improve the efficiency of waste collection and recycling. This improves the route optimization which reduces fuel consumption and air pollution whilst emptying waste bins throughout the city. IoT brings about further advantages, such as:

  • Knowing the location of each dumpster

  • Generating reports and understanding which areas need more waste bins

  • Creating alarms to be notified in the case of vandalism

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200mm x 87mm x 63mm (LxWxH)


760g (including battery)(quatro Sensor)

215g (including battery)(single sensor)

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +70°C


Flexible Configurations via BLE app or Down link




2x User-Replaceable


IP67 - Recyclable, polyamide with glass fibers

Measuring range

15-400 cm

How can Waste Managment benefit you ?

Efficiency and simplicity at its best!

Improves well being of citizen

Ensures efficient waste collection

Easy planning and upscaling

Improve street sanitation as well as raise public awareness and encourage recycling.

Predetermined paths may be arrange in order to ensure that the most efficient route for waste collection is done

Better planning and also simple when it comes to adding new sites.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Waste Monitoring sensor

What We Offer

Smart Waste Management System

What We Offer


What We Offer

Smart Route Planning Application

What We Offer

Citizen mobile application

What We Offer

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