PV Monitoring

A Current Sensing solution for optimum efficiency in your PV monitoring!


This self- powered device is a perfect solution for PV monitoring. This device is very simple to use and measures current accurately from the panels and offers accurate monitoring of power.

The device can also be configured for periodic alerts for better notifications.




105mm x 50mm x 27mm (LxWxH)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C


Configurable device


+/- 2%




Sigffox RC1 , LoRaWAN® EU863-870

How can PV monitoring benefit you?

Waste Less, Earn More!

Fault Alerts

Monitor your PV panels to prevent any sort of malfunction which may effect your industry. Monitor your heavy machinery with such a device too being notified if stoppage occurs

Scheduled Maintenance

Full Control of maintenance and be able to find fault easily due to the monitoring of results.

Energy Optimization

Monitoring Consistently

Take control of your system, control the production of energy. Track and analyze your daily, monthly and yearly consumption.

Make your system run efficiently and minimize cost while maximizing energy.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Smart Current Measurement Device

What We Offer

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What We Offer


What We Offer

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What We Offer

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