About IoT Solutions Ltd

Our Mission

We believe in consistently driving technology and innovation to make the Internet of Things accessible to everyone. We want to help companies and smart cities achieve their competitive and sustainable goals.

Our Focus

IoT Solutions Ltd is a pioneer in the low power Internet of Things. We focus on product supply, development, customization and system integration. Our sensors collect data from the real world.


These are then combined with Cloud Artificial Intelligence to enable governments, municipalities and private businesses become more efficient and make the world a better place.

Our Investors

IoT Solutions Ltd forms part of the M. Demajo Group which was founded in 1910. Today the group includes 35 companies within various sectors, including Consumer Division, Industrial and Infrastructure, Tourism, IT, Financial Services and Manufacturing and Design.


In 2017, together with other shareholders, the M. Demajo Group founded IoT Solutions Ltd with the intention of becoming one of the leading technology companies in the world focusing on the new market of Low Power Internet of Things.

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