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IoT Solutions Malta

We innovate, engineer and manufacture Internet of Things products to make IoT Solutions accessible to everyone.

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Our selection of products & services

Let's work together so your business can achieve competitive and sustainable goals.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring solution

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

We manufacture temperature and humidity sensor hardware with optional in-house cloud software. Perfect for fridges, freezers, cold rooms, server rooms, industrial equipment, and more. Get detailed reports and timely alerts.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Vehicle & Asset Tracking

We offer in-house cloud software for real-time vehicle, boat, or asset tracking. Our state-of-the-art platform includes advanced user access, drivers, and assets management, along with advanced reporting and alerts.

Level & Distance Monitoring

Level & Distance Monitoring

We manufacture level and distance sensing hardware, optionally with in-house built cloud software. Our sensors monitor liquids or solids in tanks, silos, cesspits, and barrels, providing advanced reporting and alerts.

Boat & Yacht Monitoring solution

Boat & Yacht Monitoring

We manufacture boat monitoring hardware with optional in-house cloud software for yacht and boat monitoring. Stay updated on battery voltages, AC shore supply, and water ingress with advanced reporting and alerts.

Parking Management

Parking Management

We manufacture on-street parking spot sensors with optional in-house cloud software for precise monitoring. Ideal for VMS parking signage, reserved, disabled, and EV charging spots, with advanced reporting and alerts.

Agriculture Monitoring & Control

Agriculture Monitoring & Control

We manufacture agricultural monitoring & control hardware with optional in-house built cloud software for soil and irrigation control with data analytics and alerts, improving your insight into agricultural practices.

What sets us apart?

We offer a comprehensive Internet of Things plan, strategy, product, and guidance tailored to your needs.

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At IoT Solutions Malta, we specialize in the creation and implementation of IoT devices. Our business revolves around providing professional solutions for a variety of activities. With our collective experience and expertise, we strive to deliver maximum value and comprehensive support to our clients from start to finish.

An IoT journey is not necessarily a clear and smooth one, but you will love the results. Through our consultation processes we will advise you on what IoT products best fit your purposes.

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