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3 Reasons Why It's Smart To Go Smart

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Look around you. Can you deny how much technology has evolved and developed since you were a decade younger? In just 10 short years, our phones have become the modern-day pocketknife, the internet has become a necessity, and virtually everything is becoming wireless. In case you hadn't heard, the next big thing is smart homes - homes that use automated technology and provide homeowners with features that can be controlled remotely by computer or mobile phones (of course). Additionally, they offer various advantages which conventional homes can't. The improvement in your lifestyle is undeniable and, apart from making your life better, they are practical and efficient too. The best thing about it is that it is just the beginning! Smart homes are going to improve so much more from here on out.

If you find yourself not convinced yet, we have put together the 3 main reasons why you should seriously consider going down this route and why as we said, it's smart to go smart when it comes to your home.


We decided to start with the most important one in our opinion, because what is more important than your family's safety? Smart homes give you the accessibility of viewing camera footage remotely. At the touch of a button you can check up on your home, make sure doors are locked and the oven is off without having to turn the car around to double check, or spending the whole day worrying. Some can even link to emergency numbers, whilst others have unconventional entry methods, making them difficult to break into.


This point is important because in today's fast paced lifestyle, what can be better than convenience? We all know what summers are like on our little island home, so what can be better than being able to chill the house in time for your arrival or making sure your home welcomes you with a nice, warm hug in the winter? Or being able to preheat the oven on your way home? Did your children forget to turn the lights off in their room? Not to worry, just a quick tap on your phone and they're off. The possibilities are truly endless and with technology's advancement today, you can connect any appliance, or device to your smart home's automated system and be able to control it easily - in a way only imagined before.


When it comes to selling a smart home at the moment, homeowners have the great advantage of advertising something which is up and coming, but above all unique. It drastically adds to the value of the property and is an additional feature that when explained, and experienced by a prospective buyer, adds interest for sure. We are a generation that seeks new experiences, we are attracted towards the idea of a more developed lifestyle. With smart homes making such a grand start just a couple of years ago, they have nowhere to go but up.


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