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Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

At IoT Solutions Malta, we offer a reliable remote temperature and humidity monitoring system, providing automation for temperature and humidity control.

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Business situations for
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

In which situations is it ideal to monitor temperature and humidity levels?

Supermarket freezers

Food & Beverage

Food Processing: Maintain specific temperature and humidity levels in cold rooms and freezers.


Breweries and Wineries: Maintain temperature and humidity control for fermentation and ageing to achieve desired flavours and characteristics.

temp & humidity shop freezers
Greenhouse watering

Greenhouses & Agriculture

Greenhouses: Precise temperature and humidity control to optimise plant growth, crop yield, and disease prevention.


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA): Enable controlled conditions to grow crops efficiently in vertical farms or hydroponic systems.

Greenhouse plants
Warehouse storage

Cold Storage Warehouse

Perishable Goods Storage: Temperature and humidity control preserve frozen and refrigerated goods throughout the supply chain.

Shopping items groceries
Laboratory testing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Drug Manufacturing: Temperature and humidity control for quality and stability of pharmaceutical products during manufacturing, storage, and transportation.


Research Laboratories: Controlled environments are essential for accurate experimentation and testing of drugs and medical devices.

Doctor working at National Cancer Institute
Data hardware storage

Data Centres

Cooling Systems: Data centers require temperature and humidity control to prevent equipment overheating. 


Maintain the optimal performance of servers and other hardware.

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Indoor plant growing pink light

Phytotron Facilities

Plant Research: Control of environment facilities which allow researchers to study plant growth under specific temperature and humidity conditions for various scientific purposes.

Phytotron facilities
Museum art gallery interior

Museums & Archives

Artefact Preservation: Temperature and humidity control help preserve delicate artworks, historical artefacts, and documents to prevent deterioration.

Museum gallery storage items
Textile industry rolls

Textile Industry

Fabric Production: Ensure the maintaining of specific humidity levels is important for preventing static electricity and maintaining the quality of textile fibers during production.

Textile industry working
Temp&humidity_commercial 2


Commercial Buildings: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) systems control temperature and humidity to create comfortable indoor environments for occupants, enhancing productivity and well-being.

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Testing and calibration facility

Testing & Calibration

Precision Instruments: Ensure temperature and humidity control for accurate calibration and testing of sensitive equipment and instruments.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Hospital Operating Rooms

Infection Control: Maintaining controlled conditions helps reduce the risk of infection during surgical procedures.

Image by Brandon Holmes
Testing and calibration monitoring

Electronic Components

Semiconductor Fabrication: Maintain ultra-clean environments with precise temperature and humidity control. This is critical for manufacturing microchips and other electronic components.

PCB board production
Empty Factory

Enhance Your Logistics Quality Control

The temperature and humidity monitoring system is particularly valuable for warehouse companies with logistics quality control processes.


Installation of these sensors demonstrates a commitment to quality, adding value for the customer, and assists in developing a reputation for superior warehousing or property managing company with high service standards.

Discover Problems at an Early Stage

Temperature and humidity monitoring helps you discover problems at an early stage. Control environmental parameters in real-time and notify responsible persons if any settings are above or below the allowed range.


Set individual minimum/max levels, and enjoy water and dust protection with our wireless sensors, ideal for in-house and outdoor storage control.

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Automated Control of Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

IoT Solutions Malta offers a reliable remote temperature and humidity monitoring system, allowing temperature and humidity control automation within warehouses and product storage.


This lowers heating and ventilation costs and controls the products and equipment storage environment parameters. We have the solution whether you need a freezer or cold store temperature monitoring.



Control the property and the products stored therein 24/7 via the Internet.

Receive real-time notifications whenever the temperature or humidity exceeds the allowed parameters.




Automate environment control and don't spend resources on manual checks.

Reduce costs associated with maintaining an HVAC system and prevent costly damage.

Provide high-quality service standards for product storage, both in-house and outdoor.

Purchase a demo kit

Consisting of Hardware & Software, a demo kit gives you first hand experience of our product

Full commercial support to leverage all the system benefits for your activity

Full technical support from our experts will be provided

Monitor performance and technical parameters of our hardware

Witness firsthand, the functionality of our optional software

Temperature signage



Best pricing on the market guaranteed.

Large deployments already tried and tested.

Flexibility to work with our software platform, integrate via API, or directly with our hardware.

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