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Agriculture Monitoring & Control

Our engineers and technicians will install the device on your vehicles so you can start tracking and generating vehicle tracking reports immediately.

We specialise in hardware solutions with the option of customised, in-house cloud software. Enjoy the advantages of advanced reporting and real-time alerts.

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Specialised Hardware for Precision Agriculture
Ensure the perfect health of all types of agriculture !

We are manufacturers of agricultural, monitoring & control hardware with optional in-house built cloud software for soil monitoring & irrigation control.


Data analytics & alerts from our in-house built software give you a better understanding of your agricultural practice.

Key Agriculture Parameters We Monitor

Our system is designed to keep a close eye on the vital parameters that determine the health and productivity of your soil.

  • Soil Moisture: Ensure your crops get the right amount of water.

  • Soil Electroconductivity: Understand the salinity and nutrient levels.

  • Soil pH Level: Maintain the perfect acidity or alkalinity for your crops.

  • Soil Temperature: Keep track of the soil's warmth, crucial for seed germination and root growth.

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Customised Cloud Software for Real-time Insights
Ensure the perfect health of all types of agriculture!

Our in-house developed cloud software is not just another tool, but a comprehensive solution that complements our hardware.


With features like advanced reporting and real-time alerts, you can stay updated about every minute detail of your farm.


The software's data analytics capability ensures you have a deeper understanding of your agricultural practices, helping you make informed decisions.

Purchase a demo kit

Consisting of Hardware & Software, a demo kit gives you first hand experience of our product

Full commercial support to leverage all the system benefits for your activity

Full technical support from our experts will be provided

Monitor performance and technical parameters of our hardware

Witness firsthand, the functionality of our optional software

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Best pricing on the market guaranteed.

Large deployments already tried and tested.

Flexibility to work with our software platform, integrate via API, or directly with our hardware.

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