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Engineering and the Internet of Things

IoT Solutions is a pioneer in the low power Internet of Things industry. IoT Solutions focuses on product development and system integration. Apart from having fun throughout the creative process of designing new products, including all the necessary hardware and electronics - we think of the larger picture. Our sensors collect data from the real world, which when combined with Cloud Artificial Intelligence enables governments, municipalities and private businesses to become more efficient and make the world a better place.

Live Projects

Throughout our journey as a company we've worked on multiple projects which showcase our achievements and abilities.

parking space in den haag


engie parking space in belgium

Engie, Belgium

parking space in rotterdam


iot marine hub

IoT Marine

What We Offer

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  • Product Design
    We are experts in product development, specialising in LoRa, NB-IoT and SIGFOX technologies.

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  • Online Dashboard/Apps
    No centralized system is complete without an online dashboard and mobile apps to make it easily accessible to its users.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
    We use AI to help you make better decisions and optimize your performance.

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