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Engineering and the Internet of Things

IoT Solutions is a pioneer in the low power Internet of Things industry. IoT Solutions focuses on product development and system integration. Apart from having fun throughout the creative process of designing new products, including all the necessary hardware and electronics - we think of the larger picture. Our sensors collect data from the real world, which when combined with Cloud Artificial Intelligence enables governments, municipalities and private businesses to become more efficient and make the world a better place.

Sensors, cameras and data analytics are used in different industry sectors to determine when a piece of equipment will fail before it does
Predictive Maintenance
Creating smarter and more efficient cities by digitally park tracking, so that available spaces are automatically sent as push notifications to drivers
Smart cities
Collect data about users' health including hearth rate, calories burned and blood pressure to improve the quality of life whilst taking preventive measures
Smart Wearables
Optimize labor, water usage and crop health to increase your yield by gathering the necessary data from all your fields no matter their proximity
Get alerts on water leaks or major changes in the normal water consumption. Eliminate time wasted on water meter inspections and improve water use.
Water metering

What We Offer

Certified Products for the IoT Industry
IoT Solutions
Delivers certified products which are also certified internally by IoT Solutions Engineering Team
Product Design
We are experts in product development, specialising in LoRa, NB-IoT and SIGFOX technologies.
We are developing new products or customizing existing products
Online Dashboard/Apps
No centralized system is complete without an online dashboard and mobile apps to make it easily accessible to its users.
Artificial Intelligence
We use AI to help you make better decisions and optimize your performance.

Live Projects

Throughout our journey as a company we've worked on multiple projects which showcase our achievements and abilities.

IoT Park-Smart Parking Spot Sensor

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Engie Belgium
  • Hundreds of Surface Mount Sensors deployed
  • Users are guided towards an available parking spot
  • Data Analytics available to the Park Holder
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Abu Dhabi
  • It optimizes the yield and the availability of the parking capacity
  • Automate the navigation of drivers towards a vacant parking place
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Reduce air emission by 30%
  • Reduce parking management costs with 50%
  • Reduce the time to find a parking by 50%
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Deen Haag
  • The project smartly integrates real time traffic and parking data
  • This has further optimised vehicle traffic flow in the center of the city and around
  • Our sensors work anytime even if it rains or it snows
  • We provide the complete solution, right from data collection to the presentation via an accessible app

Safe-guard your Boat or Yacht

The IoT Marine is a Boat Monitoring and Security System, including sensors such as Door, PIR and Smoke. It provides real-time E-Mail and SMS Notifications, as well as an Online Dashboard for further analysis of the system.

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