We innovate, engineer and manufacture Internet of Things products to make IoT Solutions accessible to everyone.

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Smart Park

Your smart choice for parking spot sensors

About IoT Solutions Ltd

We are IoT Solutions Ltd. We are ethical, fair, hardworking people. Our mission is to make Internet of Things solutions accessible to everyone through engineering innovation.


IoT projects are the answer to many environmental, social and process challenges we face everyday.

Why work with us

An IoT journey is not necessarily a clear and smooth one, but you will love the results.


We are a specialized IoT company creating IoT devices that we will provide a suitable solution and support you from start to finish through consultations on what IoT products best fit your purposes.

All About IoT

Head into our dedicated IoT Blog! Read about all the latest trending topics and what is happening in the world of IoT. Read our updates on how to be more competitive and sustainable in achieving your IoT goals!