5G & its impact on IoT 🌎🛰️

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The internet of things industry (IoT) is relatively new is vastly on the rise. The number of smart devices that are connected within a network is projected to increase to around 3.2 billion by 2023.

The contribution to such a rise is to multiple factors and most importantly is to major advancements in networks such as the newly developed 5G network.

What's new? 📱

The commercial success of any IoT is ultimately tied to its performance, this may mostly depend on the communication rate between the device and other IoT devices, smartphones, and tablets. With 5G this data transfer speed will increase significantly!

Greater network Reliability? 👌

In addition, to an increase in speed, 5G networks will operate more reliably creating more stable connections. This is very important for IoT devices as it must ensure that all devices do not fail due to connection errors.

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