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Smart Wastewater Solution

Best Wastewater Sensor Devices for sewage and wastewater level management.

Wastewater level and Tilt Sensor

Wastewater sensor technology for monitoring and management of wastewater levels in private and public sewers and cesspit tanks.


Wireless sensors can continuously monitor wastewater levels in sewers and cesspit tanks, thus enabling efficient sewer network management. 


Benefits include:

  • optimized and adaptive emptying schedules,

  • better route planning,

  • driver personnel management,

  • wastewater overflow prevention,

  • the anticipation of cleaning/maintenance actions,

  • identification of leaks,

  • owner peace of mind and satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Reliable and accurate, absolute sensing technology.

  • Device is potted for added reliability and security.

  • Superior device materials and design to withstand the harsh environment inside cesspits.

  • Small device for flexible installation options for all types of cesspit setups.

  • Replaceable batteries.

  • Flexible antenna configuration for connectivity in locations with poor network coverage.

  • Latest NB-IoT Technology for nationwide reliable communication with longest battery life.

  • Remotely configurable over the network or locally through Android mobile application.

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Sensor General Specifications



Product Code:

Water Rating:

Electronics Sealing:

Device Dimensions:

Antenna Dimensions:



IoT Solutions Ltd

Distance and Tilt Sensor




113.26mm (L) x 95.92mm (W) x 53.25mm (H)

70mm (D) x 15.5mm (H)

Ammonia [Excellent Resistance]

Carbon Dioxide [Excellent Resistance]

Carbon Monoxide [Excellent Resistance]

Hydrogen Sulfide [Excellent Resistance]

Sulfur Dioxide [Excellent Resistance]

Methane Gas [Excellent Resistance]

Nitrogen Dioxide [Excellent Resistance]


External (TTL) through-the-lid antenna and antenna holder provided with the sensor.

Sensing Technology

Detection Range:

Tilt Sensor:


Tilt Measurements:

Up to 7 Meters (Accuracy: ±1cm)

3-Axis Accelerometer Absolute sensing, no need of recalibration or maintenance.

X/Y and Z (Accuracy: ±1°)




Data Transmission:



LPWAN NB-IoT – Duplex Communication

LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/28/66

Data is stored locally and is re-transmitted

if acknowledgements are not received.

256-bit 3GPP encryption

Operating conditions & Lifetime




Battery Life:

-30°C to +70°C

0 to 95% RH

Internal Battery – Primary Lithium

Up to 10 Years

We are committed to promoting sustainability and supporting the global fight against environmental issues, especially those related to water.


That's why we are proud to offer our innovative Wastewater Level Sensor, which is designed to tackle water waste and pollution head-on.


World Water Day

22nd March

Get your Free Level Sensor Guide.

Get all the information you need with our free, comprehensive product guide - packed with all the information you need to make informed decisions about our on level sensor.

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Cesspit Configurations Compatibility

Cesspit with Plastic/Fiberglass Cover

  • Fits the smallest to the largest sized covers on the market, including hinged versions.

  • Sidewall mount option available.

Cesspit with Metal Cover

  • Fits the smallest to the largest sized covers on the market, including hinged versions.

  • Sidewall mount option available.

Cesspit not under the cover

  • Compatible with bracket and strips accessories.

Cesspit with long irregular chimney

  • Compatible with long studs accessories.

Cloud Platform Features - Main Dashboard

Main dashboard features:

Live map of fleet and ease of identification of the complete fleet status.

Google Maps Satellite and Street View.

Type-in search function by Name or Device Serial Number.

Device location update through map selection.

Navigate to selected settings or logs.

Device Filtering: 

  • Devices with High/Medium/Low-Capacity Alarms

  • Devices with Tilt Alarms

  • Device with Poor Communication Alarms

User Access Management:

Manage User Access and Rights within your Organization

User Access Levels

  • Admin (Invite New Users/Set Rights/Read and Write Devices)

  • Write and Read (View, Control and Manage Devices)

  • Read Only (View Only)


Cloud Platform Features - Device Logs


Type-in search function by Name or Device Serial Number

Custom date and time search function

Capacity Logs

Tilt Logs

Complete message logs with filtering function

  • Keep Alive

  • Network Registration Status

  • Tank Capacity

  • Tilt Values

  • Alarms

  • Diagnostic Messages

Wastewater Screen4.png

Cloud Platform Features - Reports and Rules

Reports Features:

Flexible custom date and time report generation.

Various Report Types

  • Fleet Health and Diagnostics

  • Capacity Alarms

  • Provided on-demand based on client requirements


Possibility to integrate to 3rd party software and systems.


Device Software Configuration

Configuration Tools:

Android Mobile Application over Bluetooth technology

Cloud Platform over NB-IoT technology

Device Parameters:


GPS Location (Latitude, Longitude)

Tank Height

Tank Start Offset

Device Operation Status

Log and Send Rate

Capacity and Tilt Alarms


Server setup forwarding


Connectivity debug

Advanced Features:

Cloud raw data visualization for algorithm optimization

Synchronize date and time

Image uploads during commissioning

System Logs

Live Distance and Tilt Data

Firmware Upgrades

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