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Companies such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other similar companies are shaping social and technological trends. These companies are data-driven and use Big Data and perform advanced Data Analytics to drive their business. This leads us to ask questions. How is IoT transforming Big Data? What role does IoT have in Big Data?

What is Big Data?

Hard disk containing Gigabytes of Data
Big Data in Traditional Hardware

The phrase Big Data means a large set of data. This data can amount to petabytes of unstructured and structured data. This data is generated from social platforms and IoT Devices.

The Relation between Big Data & IoT

It is estimated that by the end of the year 2020, around 4.4 trillion GB of data will be generated from the devices connected to the Internet (Internet of Things). This number will only get bigger as the number of connected devices is increasing every year. New technologies are allowing more devices to send data over the internet.

The Role of Big data in IoT is the ability to process large amounts of data on a real-time basis. This valuable data is then structured and stored using multiple storage technologies. This information is then used by businesses to offer a better service, a new service, or higher customer satisfaction.

The simplest way Big Data is processed is by splitting this data into different categories depending on their relations. This data is then stored in databases and utilized intelligently by businesses.

Internet of Things - Data Visualization

Benefits of IoT & Big Data for Companies in Different Sectors

  • Helps to increase the Return On Investment for the Business

IoT and Big Data analytics are transforming how businesses add value by extracting the maximum information from devices and products to get better business insights. For example, this could be fault reporting which enables the business to target product issues earlier.

  • Advantages in Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies install IoT sensors to collect significant operational data from their machines. This helps their business to get an in-depth performance report. This data is used to prevent machines from having downtime. This information is also used to help the company make processes more efficient. For example, a company would be notified that equipment requires servicing due to increased vibrations reported by IoT Sensors before the machine would have irreparable damage.

  • Data Collection Businesses

Companies rely on data collected from the real world to transfer the right content and adverts for each individual. Data collected from personal physical devices is the key to understanding each person's interests and what content to display. For example, an individual searching for marine products from his mobile phone will receive content and adverts related to marine systems or products.

Internet of Things Server

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