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IoT Smart soil and weather for agricultural monitoring

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

IoT Solutions Ltd Soil & Weather is a new solution for agricultural monitoring.

Soil & weather for an agricultural monitoring system

IoT Solutions Ltd has launched Soil & Weather, a new solution for agricultural monitoring. With its online dashboard and smartphone application, monitoring of any type of agriculture is very simple.

This solution of agricultural monitoring allows the user to be able to see the live conditions of the greenery and thus ensure that they remain healthy, redefining the phrase green fingers.

Key Benefits

Amongst the obvious benefits, these devices help with the preservation of water, avoids water stress due to overwatering to the plants, increases productivity up to 100%, reduces up to 46% of un-useful round trips, to check soil humidity, manages more green space, and reduce cost.

Box and mounting 🔧

The box comes with a waterproof box and the sensor IP65 and can be easily mounted anywhere using screws or clamps. The box measures 115x65x55mm and weighs approximately 200g.

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