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Real time tracking system

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is a real-time tracking system? What are it's features? Let us explain.

What is a real-time tracking system?

Real-time tracking systems are now becoming a very common system in the industry and this has many different applications which makes it an advantageous option for commercial use. However, when looking for the real-time tracking system for your vehicles, you need to make sure that the one you choose is that which will best suit your needs.

Tracking systems where originally used in the shipping and marine industries, but their use has now been extended to various areas of business.

What are the features of real-time tracking?

Most commonly, it can be used for fleet tracking and thus is used to keep an eye on a fleet of vehicles that are used by employees. With the help of our device, this becomes relatively simple. With the multiple configuration application, you can easily monitor multiple assets and multiple functions such as :

  • CAN data reading

  • Live location

  • Fuel flow meters

  • Over-speed detection

  • Crash detection

  • Towing detection and more

Better fuel economy

With this device, you can monitor your fuel consumption on all your fleet and can outline better routes to have the least times for your applications. The benefits of investing in real-time tracking systems extends beyond the simple monitoring activity.

Real-time tracking systems give you an insight into actual locations, real-time fleet movement and the identification of alternative routes for a faster and more efficient operation. In turn, these features lead to better utilization of resources, cost-savings, increased productivity, a more environmental friendly process and most importantly, a much better customer service.

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