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IoTPark - Success Stories 🚗

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

What is IoTPark? 🧐🚗

The IoTPark is a smart parking system with endless features and highly configurable that optimizes parking capacity where businesses are able to easily identify parking spaces areas and create an easier control of parking spaces.

With this type of sensors, we are able to optimize traffic flow by reducing traffic due to more efficient methods to find a parking space. This moreover results in cheaper parking management costs since businesses does not require external personnel to look after the parking area.

What do we offer ? 😎

With our device we do not only offer our sensor but we offer connectivity, our in-house developed a mobile application and online platform and we also offer API integration for 3rd party systems.

Live projects and success stories 👏🏼 🧳

Our sensors have been deployed in numerous countries worldwide, some of which include

Engie Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Deen Haag, Marsa Malta, Victoria Gozo, Malaysia, etc. Where hundreds of sensors have been deployed and users have the ability to be guided towards an available space using the mobile application.

One of our projects deployed in Malaysia can be seen here!

Contact us for your next smart parking system!

For more information contact us directly from our website!


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