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New 'IoT Park' lands in Victoria, Gozo!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The smart parking system was installed in Victoria's St Francis Square and is hosted on the government's Azure Cloud Platform, catering to 16 parking spots.

With the recent development and upkeeping of St Francis Square in Victoria, their first project consisted of a new smart parking system using our IoT Park Sensors.

The J2 Group, leading the development of the Gozo Innovation hub, was formed 20 years ago and is investing resources in bringing new technology, making Gozo sustainable. We happily provided our parking solution!

IoT Park Gozo IoT Solutions

"When we announced our presence at the Gozo Innovation Hub last year, we promised to help Gozo step into a new era of AI, machine learning, Internet of Things, and augmented reality, among others. With this first IoT smart parking system installation in Victoria, we now have all Gozo ready and equipped with the infrastructure for IoT technology. We aimed to push for true change in Gozo, and we have kept our promise," Brian Darmanin, managing director of J2 Group, said.

IoT Park Gozo IoT Solutions

The smart parking system installed in Victoria's St Francis Square is hosted on the government's Azure Cloud Platform and caters to 16 parking spots. The system also includes a mobile app that, when activated, will deliver traffic management capabilities to users, helping them get visibility of available parking slots and avoiding unnecessary congestion in the square.

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