IoT Marine. Safeguard Your Boat Now!

Updated: May 13

The IoT Marine smart solution for your boat security is here. The application ensures peace of mind on the sea.

Here at IoT Solutions, we take security very seriously and ensure peace of mind when using or staying away from your boat. That is why we are offering a security alarm and monitoring system device tailor-made for boats so you can put your mind at rest.

IoT Marine Boat Security

What is it?

The IoT Marine helps you Safe-Guard your Boat or Yacht. Apart from acting as a Security System which supports different sensors such as Smoke, PIR, and Door - it can also provide monitoring of Battery Voltages, Float Sensors, and the AC Shore Power. In addition, the real-time E-mail and SMS notifications put your mind at rest. The included Online Dashboard and Mobile Application make it easier to check your boat's status anytime and anywhere.

How does it work?

With the wireless sensors connected directly to the IoT Marine, you will get direct access to monitor your battery banks and shore power, as well as be instantly notified through E-Mail and SMS of any alerts such as Intrusion Detection, Loss In Shore Power, Depleted Battery Voltages and much more. The user also has the ability to easily monitor and view the status of the system using the included Online Dashboard and Smartphone Application. Upon any alert, the device would immediately send an email and/or SMS to the user and would indicate the type of alert based on the client configuration.

Upon purchase, the device comes with everything included in the box such as a float switch and all wireless sensors, etc. These sensors are all easy to install and require minimal effort to use and are pre-paired to the device.

IoT Marine Boat Security

Additional features add-ons

Above and beyond our listed features, clients can also add real-time tracking to know in real-time their boat location.

IoT Marine Boat Security

Where to buy it?

You can purchase the device from the online website store here. We can also assist you or even install the system for you!

Want to know more about our products? Contact us at and we will provide you with all the information you will need.