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Parking Spot Sensor
Your choice for smart parking solutions.

We bring solutions to parking problems through parking technology to benefit smart cities and the overall environment.


IoT parking systems

New technologies, such as our IoT parking spot sensor, can help monitor and address these problems and bring city parking solutions.

Parking Challenges
we face everyday 

Increased traffic density has necessitated greater urban parking control and management. This often leads to the question of how to solve parking problems.


It takes work. Consider car drivers that had previously found it easy to park close to their homes or workplaces now often find themselves circling, looking for free spaces.


This means a lower amenity in general from increased congestion, impracticality, and air pollution, leading to increased public complaints. The situation also impacts the retail section negatively since people will find it increasingly prohibitive to travel because of a lack of parking availability.


Often these situations lead to incorrect parking or, worse, parking abuse.

The IoT smart Parking Spot Sensor is our solution.

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On-street parking sensors are one way of optimizing parking problems. They allow establishments, or cities in general, to effectively manage what is often a limited amount of parking spaces. This can bring increased revenue and help drivers find that much-needed free parking bay faster.

IoT Solutions
Parking Spot Sensor

iotsolutions on-street traffic sensors parking sensors.jpg
Image by Giorgio Trovato

Smart Parking System
The Benefits of Using a Smart Parking Solution

Reduce Traffic Congestions

The implementation of a smart parking system results significantly impacts traffic congestions by reducing the search time of available parking spots by 50%. 

On-Street Parking Enforcement

Enforce and generate more revenue from on-street ticketing systems. Enforce illegal parking such as parking in illegal places, overstays, or reserved parking lot spaces. 

Safeguard Monitory Groups

Enforce and safeguard disabled, resident, loading/unloading, reserved, taxi, and other special parking places through automated vehicle identification with tag technology provided by us.

Proactive Planning

Make informed decisions through data analytics from the aggregated and historical data for proactive parking management planning. 

Optimise Parking Capacity

A smart parking system combined with parking software helps to direct citizens and visitors to available parking spots and optimize the use of all parking spaces.  

Happier Citizens & Visitors

Drivers have the ability to easily navigate to an available parking spot with the citizen mobile application and street signage providing parking space solutions. 

Advanced Features
of the Parking Spot Sensor

Wireless Device Configuration
/ Diagnosis Methods

Communication through supplied Mobile Application

Device configurable/diagnosed over

the Network

Device configurable
/ diagnosed via Secure Bluetooth


Remote Configuration

Detection modes

Local firmware upgrade over the air

Enable and
disable device

Enable and disable
car or trailer

LoRa Network

Advanced Detection Algorithm

Automatic calibration algorithm for improved and maintenance free vehicle detecrion over time

Snow Mode for improved accuracy in snow.

Vehicle detection time 20 seconds from sensor getting covered or uncovered by vehicle

Advanced Features

Selectable car and trailer detection

Vehicle identification through Bluetooth tags

Parking Spot Sensor
Technical Features 



Parking Lot Sensor - Surface Mount


⌀205.5 mm x 37.9 mm
Tolerance: ±2 mm



UV Resistant and Long Service Life

High Durability



Internal Primary Lithium Battery
Li-SOCI2 3.6V 8,400 mAh @25°C

Up to 10 Years Battery Life

Operating Temperature  

-20°C to +60°C


0 to 95%


Radar Sensing

Radar Technology (0 to 2 meters)

Magnetic Sensing

3-Axis Magnetic Sensor (±8 Gauss)


Communication Technologies 

LORA - All Global Bands

SIGFOX - All Global Bands

NB-IoT - All Global Brands


We are car parking sensor manufacturers supplying our hardware globally.

We allow software integrators to integrate directly with our hardware without any recurring costs. 

Choice of software platforms from software integrators to fit your needs or API integration if required.

Parking Spot Sensor
Success Stories 

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Victoria, Gozo


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Engie, Belgium


Other locations

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