Smart Parking

Our mission is to create an effortless parking experience for citizens and visitors, provide data analytics  for proactive parking planning and safeguard disabled, residential and special parking spaces through automated vehicle identification!


Parking management optimizes the yield and the availability of the parking capacity. It helps drivers find a vacant parking space using a mobile application and signage. This results in less traffic congestion, reduced air emissions, reduced parking management costs, and reduced time to find a parking spot.


Our parking system is extensive - making it flexible and well suited for your needs. The in-house design and development of the Car Space Parking Sensor itself set off the branch of Parking Management within our company.

Our Parking Hero Management Solution provides smart street parking management. Our sophisticated software using latest block chain technology combines data from sensors and traffic data to providing municipalities with data analytics and citizens to have the best parking experience through our mobile navigation


Parking Spot Sensor Specifications

A rugged and robost device with an abundance of features



Diameter - 206mm

Max Height - 42.3mm

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +75°C




736g (including Bolts)


BLE 5,0


SIGFOX - Zone1/2/3/4

LoRa - IN865/EU868/AU915/US915/ KR920/AS923

NB - B01/02/03/04/05/08/12/13/




AA User-Replaceable

Up to 10 years battery life

Weight Allowance


6 Tons Vehicle Weight at speeds lower than 10km/hr

Software Updates


All Firmware upgrades and configuration can be done over the air


Automated Vehicle Identification

Automated Vehicle Identification through Bluetooth Beacons.


How can our Smart Parking system create benefits for you?

Making parking easier for everyone!


Happier Citizens & Visitors

Drivers have the ability to easily find a space that is unoccupied with the citizen mobile application.

Reduction in Air Emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions due to reduced traffic congestion and optimized traffic flow


Optimize Traffic Flow

Reduce traffic due to a much more efficient and easier method to find a parking space.

Safeguard Minority Groups

Safeguards disabled, resident, loading/unloading, reserved, taxi and other special parking places through automated vehicle identification through tag technology

Practive Planning.png

Optimize Parking Capacity

Businesses are able to easily identify parking spaces areas and create an easier control on parking spaces.



Proactive Planning


Make informed decisions through data analytics from the aggregated and historical data for proactive parking management planning

What We Offer

What We Offer


Smart Parking Spot Sensor

What We Offer


Bluetooth Beacons for Vehicle Identification

What We Offer


Online Platform with Data Analytics

What We Offer


API Integration to 3rd party custom platforms and mobile applications

What We Offer


Citizen Mobile Navigation Application

What We Offer


Positive Results Guaranteed

Live Projects


Engie Belgium

Hundreds of Surface Mount Sensors deployed

Users are guided towards an available parking spot

Data Analytics available to the Park Holder

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